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WW Workshops are the Cornerstone of WW Philadelphia

 WW Workshops give you the private place to share your feelings and victories over your changing body.

It’s proven! Studies have shown
losing weight with a group
results in 8.8X more weight loss
than going it alone!*

The effectiveness of group support and motivation is the cornerstone of Weight Watchers.

Building knowledge and success
one Workshop at a time

The first Weight Watchers Meetings were born over 56 years ago, when founder Jean Nidetch, a housewife in Queens, New York, gathered her friends to discuss their struggles with weight loss. And while Weight Watchers has evolved over the years, what made the first meetings a success still benefits approximately 1.5 million Members who attend WW Workshops around the world each week: the power of Motivation, Inspiration and Information lead to success. That’s why It remains the cornerstone of the WW Philadelphia experience.

The importance of a supportive and
like-minded community is proven

At WW Philadelphia we believe the support a Member gets at Workshops is the greatest benefit of the WW Philadelphia program and an integral factor in your weight loss success.

In fact, it’s been proven! Members who attended the most meetings lost more weight than those who attended less. Really!  A clinical research study showed:

Those with highest attendance were

15.5 X
more likely to lose weight
compared to those with

low workshop attendance!*

The Weight Watchers Philadelphia Workshop is all about you. . .

WW Coaches Here For You

Get the guidance to start making the changes you need to reach your goals. Every Coach is a WW Success Story trained to pass on years of expertise and insights to you!

Be Accountable To You

Being accountable is essential to achieving success. That’s the purpose of private weigh-ins. WW Workshops and private weigh-ins help you keep your resolve and motivation!

Get To Your Workshop

Get the “I’ve got this” mindset from your group. Inspired by each other. Get energized by thought provoking topics every week. You leave ready to face the week empowered and full out!

Here’s what happens at a Weight Watchers Workshop

You’ll attend your Workshop once weekly.

During your first visit, you’ll discover so much about yourself and find a program tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and your preferences. Personalized goals will be discussed between you and your WW Coach.

You’ll check in with your WW Guide.

Your check-in experience is centered around self-reflection and recognition of your healthy behaviors, in addition to monitoring your weight loss. You’ll privately step on the scale and have a conversation with your Guide about goals you want to set for the week and celebrate the non-scale victories you might not have given yourself credit for otherwise.

You’ll meet your WW Coach.

Every person in the WW Studio is on your side, from the Coaches to the other
WW Members. They’ll quickly become your greatest motivators and sources of support.

Your WW Workshop will last around 30 minutes.

It’ll cover a topic that’s relevant to weight loss, activity, mindset and sleep. The 4Pillars that are the basis of WW. Participate as much or as little as you want. Enjoy the conversation with your fellow Members. They’re bound to bring up relatable experiences.

Afterwards, stick around.

Our short (but very helpful) Kickstart orientation will teach you the nuts and bolts of how the program works. It’s totally low key, and a great way to get to know us a little better and make a game plan for your first week.

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