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WW Philadelphia is Weight Watchers reimagined.

Workshop Inspiration and Motivation
Oprah said, “Everyone wants to be seen and heard.” We count on Members to show up, really listen to each other, build spirit among the group and connect with one another. WW works! There’s proof! Members who attended meetings lost 8.8X’s more weight than those who tried and lost weight on their own.* In addition to the In-Person Workshop, WW is always virtually there to support you throughout the week. Workshops help Members achieve success.

No Food’s Off Limits
Eat with your family and friends. Dine out. Steak? Wine? Pizza? Beer? Real food. You eat what you love because you choose it yourself for yourself!

Learn Lifelong Skills
Once you reach your health and weight loss goals, you’ll have learned the skills to keep you healthy and at goal. Enjoy life … the good life.

Come to us with your goals. We’ll help you reach them.

Good Reads

Read on and discover how WW considers and supports every aspect of your lifestyle.

Boost Your Body Image

Learn to appreciate that amazing
machine that works for you daily

 Eat What You Love

Why it is perfectly OK to eat
the foods you love

 Meal Prep Ideas

This ultimate guide just might be the solution you’ve been looking for

 Your Healthy Pantry

These good for you staples make eating right a whole lot simpler

 Increase Your Metabolism

Scientifically proven ways to help you control what you can control

 Stay Mentally Healthy

Coping strategies that help reduce stress and improve your mindset

Choose WW for One, Three or Six Months and Save $30.00!

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