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Weight Watchers of Philadelphia 6-Month Premium Plan

In-Person Studio Workshops + Virtual Workshops.

The Weight Watchers program has been simplified to make it easy to follow and flexible …

that means no deprivation.

Nothing feels better than reaching your weight goal and being happy, healthy and fit.

Taking that first step is the most important decision you’ll make.

You’ll learn it. You’ll love it. You’ll live it!


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Rediscover Weight Watchers

and what the simplified program is all about!

Rediscover program
Weight Watchers helps you lose weight and get healthy for life, with a science-based program. You are never deprived. You eat your favorite foods – the foods you love – and still lose weight.

Rediscover coaching
Your Coach gets it. Your Workshop Team give you a foundation of knowledge and confidence that you can do it. Your Coach and Workshop Team have all been where you are now. They are Lifetime Members who completed stringent training to become a Coach and part of the Weight Watchers Team and are ready to show you the ropes.

Rediscover community
As a Weight Watchers member, you are part of a community of people much like yourself. You’ll see success in losing weight … together.

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