Meet the Point

Simplified food plan

Nudges you towards a healthy pattern of eating including eating the foods you love!

Tailored to you

No deprivation–you’re in charge. Manage your Points by planning for those foods you love!

The ability to add Points

Members now add to your weekly Points Budget by incorporating healthy activity in your life. 

 the Weight Watchers tailored plans

• Based on sex, age, height and weight

• Members receive a tailored plan made

up of a daily and weekly Points Budget,

a tailored ZeroPoint foods list and activity target

adding Points

• A formula that allows you to actually

add more Points for adding activity

• For every Point you track, you’ll add a

Point to your weeklies

Encourages and positively reinforces

healthy behaviors and habits

• Flexibility puts Members in

the driver’s seat

Activity produces the adrenaline which

motivates you and gives you the

“I got this” feeling

Adding Points feels good because it

provides immediate gratification

Increases your awareness, making you

more mindful about your food choices


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