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What does it mean to be on maintenance?

When a Weight Watchers of Philadelphia Member reaches their goal weight they can go into the Maintenance Plan.

Maintenance is the 6-week time period during which a Member adjusts to being at his/her goal weight, focusing on the behaviors needed to keep his/her weight steady and settling into any adaptations to the program. Members who maintain their goal weight after this 6 week period achieve Lifetime status.

Here’s everything you need to know about lifetime membership.

Lifetime Membership is a way for Weight Watchers of Philadelphia to recognize and honor members. We want to inspire you to reach your personal weight loss and wellness goals and, perhaps more importantly, help you maintain them for the rest of your happy, healthy life. So … when you achieve Lifetime Member status, you receive a complimentary subscription to our digital tools and unlimited Workshops!  To qualify for these Lifetime Benefits, you’ll need to weigh-in once each calendar month at no more than 2 lbs overweight.

How to become a Weight Watchers of Philadelphia Lifetime Member

• Be 18 or older.
• Join on any Weight Watchers of Philadelphia Member plans. (Lifetime Membership is not available to Digital-only subscribers.)
• When you join, you must have at least 5 lbs to lose.
• Reach your goal weight within a healthy BMI. (If you need a weight goal that’s over a healthy BMI, you can be eligible for Lifetime membership if you submit a health care provider’s note detailing an appropriate weight goal for you.)
• Complete the 6-week Maintenance program, maintaining your weight goal for 6 consecutive weeks.
• Weigh in within 2 lbs of your goal weight at your final maintenance weigh in.
• Congratulations, you’ve achieved Lifetime status! You’re an inspiration to us all.

How do I keep my lifetime member benefits active?

Weigh in at your first Workshop, and every month thereafter, and stay within 2 lbs of your goal weight. Meeting this criteria, you will have unlimited access to Weight Watches of Philadelphia Workshops and digital tools!

Free digital access will automatically extend to the last day of the next month. If you exceed your goal weight by more than 2 lbs, that’s okay! You can come back again that month and weigh in again—if you’re within your goal range, we’ll go ahead and extend your benefits! If you’re not quite there yet, you just need to pay the weekly Workshop fee of $15 until you are.


Do I have to pay any fees?

As a current and at goal Lifetime Member, you never pay for Workshops, Wellness check-ins or digital tools. Stay active and enjoy the Benefits of Lifetime Membership!

If  you have missed a calendar month or months or are more than 2 lbs above your goal weight, you’re still a WW Philadelphia Lifetime Member! You’ll just need to pay the standard weekly Workshop fee (currently $15.00) and monthly digital tools fee of $14.95 (price may vary) until you weigh in at goal. You also have the option of purchasing a monthly pass (Premium) which includes weekly fees and digital tools.


Join our Team

If you’re a Lifetime Member at goal, you are living proof that Weight Watchers works and that our Members are reaching their goals with us every day! You are a very important part of the WW Workshop experience. You have achieved reaching your goal and are an inspiration to us all! You’re the reason other members at a Workshop may be thinking, “I got this!” … or even questioning, “What took me so long?” We’re all in this together!

You understand group support, know the program, and have the determination it takes to be successful.

That’s why we want you! We’re looking for a person like you to join our team at Weight Watchers of Philadelphia as a WW Coach!

You’ll have the rewarding experience of watching Members’ lives change, as yours did. You know the feeling. You become an integral part of their learning new things about themselves while getting healthier– both physically and mindfully! WW Coaches help support, encourage and motivate Members to succeed in reaching their goal.

Awarding Members with their Lifetime WW Gold Key may be one of the most rewarding experiences for a Coach!

We have openings for WW Philadelphia Coaches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please get in touch! We’d love to speak with you! Call or email us today!


 215-648-1000  extension 1126

Learn it. Love it. Live it for the good life!

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