Four Pillars of a healthy weight loss program

Eat Better

A NEW Points system unique to you and the foods you love

 Be Mindful

Shift your mindset to an “I’ve got this” way of thinking


Move More

New! Get your body moving and earn PersonalPoints

Sleep Well

Learn the link between sleep and healthy weight loss

No Fads.

Just proven science.
It all starts with our PersonalPoints system, which takes complex nutritional data and boils it down to one simple number.

Every Move Counts.

The rewards of regular activity? Huge. Manage stress, sleep better and one of the best ways to get and keep weight off.

Your Mindset Matters.

Here’s the deal: What’s in your head is as important as what’s on your plate. So power up on the positive vibes.

Get Your 8 Hours.

Proven! People who sleep 8.5 hours lose more weight than those who skimp on sleep. Find out what works for you.

Remember, this is a journey, not a race. And the ultimate reward is a healthier you.

for every part of your life

Eat Real Food!

You get a personalized amount of PersonalPoints to spend on foods you love and a plethora of  ZeroPoint™ foods you choose!

Make Your Mind Smile.

What you think determines how you feel, which determines what you do. Be mindful and reflect positively on every step of your journey.

Move It! Ready? Set? Go!

Start the day with a good stretch and remember small steps make big change. Take a walk. Use the stairs. Get back on your bike! Have fun.

Get Enough Shut-eye.

It’s important to know when you’re getting it, what’s working—and what’s not. Only then can you make healthy sleep improvements

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