Get healthy together. 

Employees benefit by participating in the program.


Employers will see an improvement in their workplace.

It’s a win win!

Weight Watchers Health Solutions partners with employers to propel happier, healthier, more engaged workplaces and communities.

Employees benefit by participating in the Weight Watchers program. They’ll eat what they love, move more doing the things they like, shift their mindset to a positive one and sleep well at night because their day was healthy and energized.

Employers will see our science-backed program, increase engagement, reduce absenteeism, address rising healthcare costs and challenges
and attract—and retain—talent.

empowering workforces to adopt healthier

 habits for real life

The Weight Watchers customized program has been simplified and tailored to fit the members lifestyle.*

Weight Watchers has been ranked the #1 “Best Diet” for weight loss by U.S. News & World Report for 12 years running!

Weight Watchers is the #1
weight-loss program*

inspiring happier, healthier
workplace communities

Weight Watchers partners with employers, payors and health providers
to deliver custom wellness strategies — powered by the
most scientifically-proven weight loss program — that
positively impact health and culture and promote
sustainable behavior change.

let’s talk about how Weight Watchers can help your organization meet its wellness goals.

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    Weight Watchers is for people who want to lose weight

    real members. real success.

    “Through this past journey, I have really regained my health and my energy and my happiness and my excitement!

    I chose to join at work because it was convenient. We could talk about different tips and ideas and ways to work together.

    I lost 111 pounds and I feel incredible.”

    Brigid G. lost 111 lbs

    want to learn more?

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    partner with you to help your employees adopt healthier habits for real life.

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