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The PersonalPoints™ program …
brings together groundbreaking innovations to turbocharge weight-loss success!

Eat Better!   Starts with a points system based in nutritional science!

Be Mindful!  Shift your mindset to an “I’ve got this” way of thinking!

Move More!  Get your body moving and earn PersonalPoints!

Sleep Well!   Learn the link between sleep and healthy weight loss!

These mutually dependent elements work together to create one freestyling and healthy-living plan.

WW for you, for your life … the good life!

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Coach Cassidy Introduces Laura Smith

Laura, WW Director of Program Innovation and Nutritionist
explains the WW PersonalPoints Program

Three ground-breaking innovations to turbocharge your weight loss success!

A Revolutionary Points System
Our newest, cutting-edge Points algorithm,
which boils down a food’s most important nutritional factors into a single number.

Personalized Plans
Truly unique-to-you plans, no two are the same, for food and activity, including a customized ZeroPoint food list based on your favorites.

The Ability To Earn PersonalPoints
A first in the weight-loss category, a formula that allows you to actually earn more Points for doing healthy things.

PersonalPoints is a system that makes healthy choices easier.

And, for the first time ever, you can add PersonalPoints to your Budget.

You choose how you spend your PersonalPoints, giving you total control.

We support Members by giving them the tools to be successful. Watch!

The WW Difference

It’s a lifestyle, not a diet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We’ve all tried other weight-loss programs before that haven’t worked. WW is proven to be different. WW members lost weight and kept it off, even two years later and more, according to a study published by the medical journal Lancet.*

Become a Member and learn how our science-backed PersonalPoints™ Program will help you eat your favorites–the foods you love. Move more doing the things you enjoy. Be more mindful and even sleep better. That’s what we mean when we say lifestyle!

*Ahern AL, et al. Extended and standard duration weight-loss program referrals for adults in primary care, a randomized controlled trial. Lancet. 2017.

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