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Simple, easy and it works. Turbocharge your weight loss with a simplified plan.

These mutually dependent elements work together to create one freestyling and healthy living plan … 

Eat Better.    Starts with a tailored food plan you design for yourself; it includes your favorite foods right from the start.
Be Mindful.  Shift your mindset to an “I’ve got this” way of thinking.
Move More.  Get your body moving doing something you enjoy and add weekly Points.
Sleep Well.   Discover and practice the link between sleep and healthy weight loss.

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Lose weight! No deprivation

Inspiration and motivation

A system that’s tailored for you

 Four Pillars
Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep

 The Weight Watchers® program

Health Solutions
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Bridgid lost 111 lbs on the Weight Watchers program

Rediscover Weight Watchers … three ground breaking innovations to turbocharge your weight loss success

The Weight Watchers program                   • simplified food plan • greater simplicity • even stronger community connections • still tailored to the member • sharing in your workshop is more fun because everyone is on the same plan

Tailored to you
Here is how we have evolved: • a simpler app experience • a new daily Points budget for every member • the same ZeroPoint foods list for all members • 200+ ZeroPoint foods you don’t need to measure or track

The ability to add Points
A revolutionary first in the weight-loss category, a formula that adds more Points for more activity

We’ve simplified our program to give you the most livable, flexible and enjoyable lifestyle ever.

The revolution evolved …

Rediscover the Weight Watchers program

Weight Watchers has evolved to make it simple for you to follow and achieve your weight loss goals.


 We support members by giving them the tools to be successful!


The Weight Watchers difference

. . . a lifestyle, not a diet!

We’ve all tried other weight-loss programs before that haven’t worked.
Weight Watchers is proven to be different. Members lost weight and kept it off, over two years and much longer, according to a study published by the medical journal Lancet.* 

Become a Member and learn how our science-backed program will help you eat your favorites –the foods you love. Move more doing the things you enjoy. Be mindful and even sleep better. That’s  what we mean when we say lifestyle!

                                                                                                                                                                *Ahern AL, et al. Extended and standard duration weight-loss program referrals for adults in primary care, a randomized controlled trial. Lancet. 2017.

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