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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody join Weight Watchers?

Men, women, and children are eligible to join, subject to the following: For prospective members aged 13-16, membership eligibility requires both a doctor’s note with an individualized weight goal (or range) and a parent’s/guardian’s signature on the Health Notice portion of the Registration form.
• Children under 13 years of age may not join Weight Watchers
• Any person diagnosed with an active eating disorder may not join Weight Watchers.
• Any person who weighs within five pounds of the bottom of the weight goal range for his or her height is not eligible for membership.
• Any female who is pregnant or becomes pregnant while following the Program may not attend.
• Weekly meeting attendance is required.
• Anybody who has less than five pounds to lose is not eligible for membership.

What are the qualifications of the Weight Watchers staff?

Each meeting room is staffed entirely by Weight Watchers “Lifetime Members,” who have all lost weight by following the Weight Watchers Program and they continue to follow the “Maintenance” phase of the Program to sustain their loss. Staff members have received special training to ensure that they can effectively deliver the Weight Watchers program to help members reach and sustain their weight-related goals. In addition to basic training, staff members are required to
attend further training programs to keep their skills sharpened and to ensure they are fully up-to-date with the latest Program information.

What happens at a Weight Watchers meeting?

Your first step at each Weight Watchers meeting is to “check-in” and be weighed by one of our trained staff members. Your “weigh-in” is private and your weight is recorded in your personal “Membership Book.” After “weigh-in,” members like to chat together in the meeting room while waiting for the weekly meeting to begin. The meeting is generally 30-45 minutes long. After the meeting, new members are invited to stay for orientation. This is a special “Bonding Time” when new members learn the program basics and how to get started with their weight loss process.

Is it necessary to stay for the meeting?

It is not required, but it is highly recommended to help to ensure your weight management success. Each meeting deals with weight management issues and where members learn how to put together their personal weight control puzzles. Meetings are lively interactive discussions on a variety of weight management topics, such as nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and challenges experienced while losing weight. The leader shares information and keeps the group on task to ensure that the meeting provides accurate information and motivation each week.

Is weekly meeting attendance required?

Members may stay on the Program as long as they desire. Regular attendance is recommended because it provides the accountability and group support that is so helpful in making lifestyle changes. If you miss a meeting you will be required to pay for the current weeks meeting as well as the missed week at your next attendance.

Do I need an appointment to join Weight Watchers?

No. Simply choose a meeting day and time that is convenient to your schedule. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the meeting times listed for weigh-in and registration of all members. Meeting topics are presented approximately 15 minutes later. Following the weekly meeting topic, an “Orientation Session” is given to new members as well as any other current members if needed.

Using Fast Pass, can I switch between Studios?

Yes! You will first need to log in to your account. On the next screen click “Proof of Purchase.” Print the Proof of Purchase and bring it with you.

FastPass is no longer available for new purchase.
To cancel an existing subscription or for assistance and information about other membership options
call our office at 215-648-1000 during normal business hours.