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How Weight Watchers Works

Featuring Smart Points™ Weight Loss System

Our SmartPoints program starts with a personal assessment to better understand your lifestyle, inspirations, and goals. Our most personalized approach ever fits your life and is backed by the Support and Motivation provided in your meeting. Your Leader is a real person who has been in your shoes, is the coach of your meeting and encourages you and your fellow members throughout your journey. We’re all in this together! SmartPoints focuses on the whole you.

Eat what you love. (Just smarter!)

Counting calories alone doesn't lead to healthy eating—that’s called dieting. And at Weight Watchers, we don’t diet. It’s simply a word that is not in our vocabulary. That's why we're introducing our new SmartPoints plan. It nudges you toward a healthy pattern of eating and translates complex nutritional information into one simple, but very powerful number: the SmartPoints value. It's our strongest stance ever on eating healthier—for life! The good life!

Get fit at your own pace

Our new fitness approach meets you where you are. If you haven’t taken the stairs in awhile – don’t rush off and join a gym! Start with a few steps and build from there – start slowly, just like you would with anything new. Whether you want to get active and don't know where to start, or are ready to take it to the next level, your Leader will help you figure it out. Your personalized activity goal will help you get there. You'll earn FitPoints™ for what you do each day and be amazed at how it all adds up.

Make the program yours

You’ll get started at your meeting with a personal assessment to gain insight into your lifestyle, goals, challenges and successes. You'll get a personalized SmartPoints Target, an activity goal, and content tailored to meet your unique needs.|

Find and fuel your inner strength

Significant, lasting change is built from the inside out. Beyond the Scale was designed to help you tap into the confidence you need to start, the Support and Motivation you need to stay inspired, and the positive energy you need to keep going. We’re addressing the whole you with a wholesome new program. This is an eating plan that’s livable, flexible and healthy.

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