WW for Teens

The teenage years–a critical stage to develop ‘healthy’

Learn now how to live in the real world–for life

This is the ideal time to learn Healthy Habits for Life. Weight Watchers Is Not A Diet. Don’t let our name deceive you. We don’t teach you a diet. You don’t “go on and off Weight Watchers” like you do a diet. Why would you? ww Freestyle™ shows you how to eat everything, drink anything! You learn how to enjoy the choices and manage them! And, as a teen you’ll appreciate knowing ww Freestyle was designed to fit your Lifestyle, not the other way around. It’s our most adaptable program ever! You eat your favorites, no food’s a no-no. You do the stuff you like to do…swimming, biking, running, walking, stretching, and–only if you like kids, even babysitting counts toward your fitness plan! You also discover how to make time to take time out for you! You eat with the rest of the family. Try new activities with that family member who joined with you. You can be the source of inspiration and support to each other!

Always on the edge of scientific advancements

Weight Watchers, by staying on the edge of scientific advancements, is able to continuously break new ground and define new territory in healthy eating and lifestyle plans. New for 2018 the ww Freestyle features: the SmartPoints® food system, all foods allowed just like in real life. FitPoints, activities you love count as your daily exercise. Me Time –a very important component of your overall health and wellness. Be confident Weight Watchers International has and will continue to talk with healthcare professionals about the criteria and guidelines of this program.

Weight Watchers we tackle your worry at your Meeting

How do we tackle the steady, ‘worrying’ rise in teens striving to be thin at all costs? In a Meeting, of course! What you’ll be receiving is a program that guides you as you address the whole you. Meetings are where strangers quickly become friends who offer support and give you that extra push–the motivation­–to keep going! And what’s better than having a member of your family going to Meetings with you and discovering together what getting healthy is all about? That’s support for each other in and out of the Meeting. On your way to getting healthy, you will be receiving weekly guidance on matters of nutrition and lifestyle, as well as a space where you are free to open up about subjects you may not feel comfortable discussing outside of the Meeting. Not a “talker”? It’s OK! Sit back and be comfy in your safe space while you learn new information every week.

Parent & Teen 10-Week Plan New Members Save $191
$150 for 2 Memberships. One for a parent • one for a teen

Here’s the deal: Teens from 13 through 17 get Free Membership when a parent, guardian, or adult relative joins on our Parent & Teen 10-Week Plan.
Here’s how the savings break out when compared to our regular fees:

Regular Teen Rate to Join = $161
Registration: $ 21
Weekly Fee: $ 14
x 9 Weeks: $126

This is a savings of $191 for new members and $150 for those continuing on the Parent & Teen 10-Week Plan. That’s because you don’t pay registration after the initial 10 weeks. If you are between the ages of 13 and up to 17, you need a signed and dated doctor’s note, which includes your weight goal or goal range.

You must accompany your parent, guardian or an adult relative (over 18 years old). When they join for $150, you become a member, too. They must accompany you to meetings.