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Weight Watchers can work for you

During your meeting your leader will start with a personal assessment to better understand your lifestyle goals, in addition to your weight goals. We all know that making better food and exercise choices is essential to sustaining weight loss. All too often, other priorities can get in the way. That’s why we offer an approach that's flexible and healthy, and designed to fit “me time” into your day.

Weight Watchers has a plan to fit your personal needs and goals …

• Are you vegetarian?
Good news – vegetables and fruits are unlimited on our plan.

• Cooking for a family?
You can eat with your family – no food is off limits.

• Do you enjoy dining out?
Do it! Have fun. Even enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail.

• Would you like to have meetings at work?
Call 800-456-6363 ext. 1162 for The At Work Program.

• Do you have a lot to lose, or a little?
You get a personalized SmartPoints™ Target, an activity goal, and content tailored to meet your unique needs.

• Get fit at your own pace – we’ll meet you where you are.

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