WW Freestyle

Proven to help people lose weight and feel happier.

Significant, lasting change is built from the inside out. 
Freestyle was designed to help you tap into the confidence you need to start, the Support and Motivation you get at your meetings to stay inspired, and the positive energy to keep going. 

SmartPoints® • FitPoints™ • Me Time

3 Components

Create One Terrific Freestylin’ Lifestyle

A Program that addresses the whole you.
The program goes beyond the scale featuring the SmartPoints® food plan personalized for you, FitPoints™ that help you get fit at your own pace and “Me Time” you take for yourself. A wholesome program that considers the whole you-food fitness fulfillment! 

The WW Freestyle™ program was designed to help you lose weight and keep it off by developing healthy eating patterns that work for life. Here’s how it works:

SmartPoints eat your favorites …real food–nothing is off limits
Based on our successful SmartPoints® system, WW Freestyle offers more than 200 ZeroPoint™ foods—including eggs, skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, and so much more—to multiply your meal and menu possibilities. And it makes life simpler, too: You can forget about weighing, measuring, or tracking those ZeroPoint foods. 

Total flexibility
And because we recognize that every day is different—and some days are really different (think parties, business travel, holiday open houses….)—we’ve made your SmartPoints Budget more flexible than ever. Up to 4 unused daily SmartPoints can now roll over into your weekly SmartPoints to give you a bigger “bank” to use whenever and however you like. 

Yes, it works! 
In rigorous clinical trials: * Participants said they had fewer food cravings and less hunger. * More than 93 percent agreed WW Freestyle helps them feel healthier. * And of those who’ve tried to lose weight before, more than 82 percent agreed that WW Freestyle is easier to do and almost 93 percent reported it gives them more flexibility in their food choices compared to other times they’ve tried to lose weight in the past.

FitPoints encourage you to move more
FitPoints are how members track the activity they do — all activities. Our new fitness approach meets you where you are. If you haven’t taken the stairs in a while – don’t rush off and join a gym! Start with a few steps and build from there – start slowly, just like you would with anything new. You get FitPoints for everything from taking the steps to swimming and you even get FitPoints for “activities in disguise” like gardening and cleaning your house! 

Keeping track of FitPoints helps you become aware of how active you are (just like tracking SmartPoints® values helps you see how much you’re eating). And tracking activity can inspire you to be active longer. You find yourself challenging you! 

Me Time
Is there one thing that you do daily that you can do in less time? We’ll help you learn how. Then, use that time for Me Time. Think about it; who do you tell to take care of themselves? Now tell yourself the same. And, take your own advice!