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Rules of Membership

A registration fee and a weekly fee are paid at the first meeting attended. To keep your membership current, you must pay the weekly fee. While membership is discontinued after six consecutive weeks of absences, you may rejoin at any time (provided you’re still eligible for membership). Rejoining members pay the same fees as new members.

Your stickered or stamped membership book serves as proof of current membership. Once you’ve weighed-in and paid the weekly fee, you may attend as many meetings for the remainder of that week (Sunday — Saturday) as you wish — free of charge. However, you may weigh-in only once each week.

You may attend a meeting anywhere in the world. To do this, simply show your stamped membership book and pay the weekly fee in effect for the meeting you wish to attend.

The weekly fee, payment methods, and promotional offers vary in different areas. Check our pricing page to learn about fees and offers available in our franchise territory.

Minimum Age For Membership
Effective November 1st, 2002 Weight Watchers membership will not be made available to anyone under the age of 13 under any circumstances (i.e., joining those individuals also excluded due to the medical diagnosis of an active eating disorder and pregnant woman). Additionally, for prospective members aged 13 - 16, membership eligibility requires both a doctor’s note with an individualized weight goal (or range) and a parent’s / guardian’s signature on the Health Notice portion of the Registration form.

Membership in a Series
Membership in a series includes The At Work Program®. A membership fee is prepaid for a predetermined number of weeks (i.e., a series). The membership book serves as proof of membership. Members who attend a traditional meeting outside their local area during the course of their series may be required to pay the weekly fee in effect at that time, subject to local area policy. If you plan to travel, contact the Weight Watchers office in that vicinity for more details.

For Members Participating in The At Work Program:

  • Members may attend additional meetings during the same week at their worksite, if available.
  • Members can attend any traditional meeting in their local area during the course of their series, at no charge, by showing a current, valid membership book for The At Work Program.

“Lifetime Membership”
“Lifetime Membership” is a valuable privilege available to Weight Watchers members. You’re eligible for “Lifetime Membership” and receive a “Lifetime Membership” recognition award when you:

  • achieve a weight goal that is within the Weight Watchers weight ranges and are at least five pounds less than your weight at joining; and
  • have been on the Weight Watchers maintenance phase of the program for six consecutive weeks as a paid current member and are no more than two pounds above your weight goal at the end of that period.

As a “Lifetime Member,” you receive special benefits designed to support your long-term weight-management efforts. We encourage you to attend meetings anywhere in the world, as well as in your local area, at no charge, only if you:

  • show your “Lifetime Membership” book; and
  • weigh-in once each calendar month at not more than two pounds above your weight goal.

“Lifetime Members” are also eligible to seek employment opportunities with Weight Watchers so that they can share their knowledge and experience with others.