Not everyone's weight loss needs are the same...

How myWW™ helps you find success
When it comes to losing weight, everyone’s needs are different. What works well for your sister, coworker, or best friend may not work for you. While we’ve always offered personalized SmartPoints® Budget based on age, weight, height, and sex, now you can take a personal assessment that will match you with a unique way to experience the WW journey. And if you find that your plan is no longer working for your life, you have the ability to switch!
  • Everyone’s weight-loss needs are different. That’s why our new program is customized to make losing weight easier for you.
  • When you join, you’ll unlock a personal assessment that gets to know your eating habits, food preferences, lifestyle, and activity level.
  • Based on your answers, you’ll get matched with a color. You choose what suits your lifestyle!
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The myWW™ program is freeing and flexible and personalized for you

your personal needs are taken into account

you choose which plan aligns with your lifestyle

guides you toward a smaller list of foods that form the basis of healthy eating habits. With a sizable budget of SmartPoints® to spend on foods you love, you’ll learn to build meals and snacks around 100+ ZeroPoint™ foods including fruits and veggies. And you’ll track foods that have SmartPoints® values, so you still enjoy your favorites.

guides you toward a list of foods that form the basis of healthy eating habits, with a moderate SmartPoints® Budget you can spend on your favorite foods. You’ll build meals around 200+ ZeroPoint™ foods including fruits and veggies along with lean protein, and track other foods that have SmartPoints® Values.
This is the WW Freestyle™ Program. Been on it? Love it? No need to change!

guides you toward a long list of foods that form the basis of healthy eating habits, with a modest Budget of SmartPoints® foods to spend on your favorites… the foods you most enjoy. Build meals around 300+ ZeroPoint™ foods–fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. Track foods that have SmartPoints® Values.

Access all the tools you need to succeed with myWW™
Learn all about myWW™ at your WW Philadelphia Workshop! Your coach will explain the details of myWW™… the different plans and how you choose what’s right for you. Our WW app will be personalized with your food and activity tracker, Connect groups, FitPoints™, Wellness, and more.