are the key to staying on track

A note from the president, Marilyn Birnhak

Dear Visitor,Thank you for looking into Weight Watchers of Philadelphia. I’m happy to have the opportunity to tell you about what happens at meetings. You’re accepted and encouraged by your group to keep on going! You’re inspired by leaders and receptionists who have lost weight with Weight Watchers.Every week you’ll see how you’re doing. Weigh-ins are totally confidential, of course. I always say, “When you lose weight, your group needs you; if you have a bad week, you need your group.”Here’s why… Your meeting is where everyone understands each other because everyone is talking freely together about similar experiences. Each week you learn something new and different that helps you–from each other, from your leader and from your weekly meeting materials, which cover the issues that matter most: health, nutrition, weight loss, menus, exercise, and new recipes.Did you know that a study done a few years back showed that Weight Watchers members lost 8 times more weight than those people who tried to do it alone? * It’s because the support you get from your meeting motivates you. You leave feeling more in control and ready to go out and face the temptations that surround us all daily.Support and Motivation is what Weight Watchers of Philadelphia is all about!I believe anyone who follows the program and achieves reaching goal, can go on to do just about anything they want.You can do it. We can help.I believe in you!Here’s To Your Health, *Johnston CA et al. A randomized controlled trial of a community-based behavioral counseling program. The American Journal of Medicine 2013 (Article in Press). Weight loss data obtained at 6 months. Trial funded by Weight Watchers.