Take Time For Me Time

Only You Can Make It Happen!

Your Expectations For You May Be Too High 
Whether it’s the deadlines on your calendar or the meetings at your office, your weeks are full of demanding tasks — and the stress you feel with having to accomplish all of them. Although it’s fair to want to meet your expectations, the truth is sometimes the goals you have for yourself are higher than what anyone else expects. The result? You fall into the unfortunate cycle of attempting to finish everything on your schedule while overlooking your own physical and emotional well-being.

Finding Time For Yourself Is A Must 
Even though making time for yourself may seem difficult, your commitment to you is one that will help you to refuel your energy and refresh your mind. If you’ve ever been a member of Weight Watchers or are currently a WW Philadelphia member, you have heard us talk about taking time out of the day just for ourselves.

Rediscover Your Free Time – Make It Me Time
Think about the day and all the things that you want to accomplish. Is there one thing that you can do in less time? Use that time for “Me” Time. Try it! If it works well, then move on to increase your personal time, if possible.

Plan What You Will Be Doing In This Newfound Time
And remember, try to start slowly. Take 15 minutes of time for yourself. As you get more comfortable, you may want to increase your time. And if you start slowly it will become easier to enjoy the changes you are making.

You Are The One Who Needs To Take Care Of Yourself
If you don’t do it, no one will do it for you. Think about it. Who do you tell to take care of themselves? Now tell yourself the same. And take your own advice! 

You Are Worth It
It is time to pay attention to your needs and it’s a good habit to start – a good change to make. Good habits need time to become a natural part of your lifestyle. 

You can do it. We can help.