Bend and Stretch! Go Ahead … Reach for the Stars

Discover that “I got this” mindset 
Let’s talk about exercise. Thinking sweat? Hard work something you have to do? Drudgery? If you look at exercise like it is a part of your life (like brushing your teeth) you’ll discover that just 30 minutes a day will make a difference — it makes you feel good all over! It’s been proven. Exercise even lifts your attitude. 

Dress appropriately and get moving! Or, if you don’t feel like going outside–Stretch!  Stretching … you do it when you wake up in the morning. Baseball fans do it in the 7th Inning. Just think about what your dog or cat does when they first wake up. They stretch! It is one of the most beneficial ways to promote flexibility and good health. And is very effective on its own. Whether you’re at work or play, warming up before your regular exercise, or cooling down after, stretching is a terrific way to get started moving! 

Just 15 minutes gets a good habit started 
Start out easy. Just 15 minutes a day gets a good habit started. Then move on to 15 more. If you’re fortunate enough to have equipment indoors, please be sure to have a professional show you how to use it for your safety. When you’re ready, or when the weather allows, take it outside. Ride a bike, walk, run. Get your body moving and working. Keep in mind activity is not only helpful for your weight loss, but is critical for your weight maintenance, your well-being and your health. If you are working all day … there are even exercises you can do at your desk!
Most importantly, find an activity you enjoy and get a friend to join you. It’s always easier and more fun with a friend. When you’re not in the mood, they’ll give you an “Awe c’mon!” and it may just be the push you need. 

FitPoints encourage you to move more
FitPoints are how members track the activity they do — all activities. You get FitPoints for everything from taking the steps to swimming, to “activities in disguise” like gardening and cleaning your house! 

Keeping track of FitPoints helps you become aware of how active you are (just like tracking SmartPoints® values helps you see how much you’re eating). And tracking activity can inspire you to be active longer. You find yourself challenging you!

Your weekly FitPoints goal 
FitPoints are based on your weight so that you can get an accurate measure of the energy you expend. You’ll receive a personalized weekly FitPoints goal based on your current activity level … we meet you where you are. In your Tracker you’ll get feedback on how you did each week toward your goal. 

It’s dynamic, so, if you’d like, we’ll keep track of your progress at meetings and encourage you to increase your goal over time. (You can always choose to stay where you are, or decrease. You’re in control.) 

How to track FitPoints
You have a couple of options: You can calculate your FitPoints, whether you use an activity monitor or track manually using the Pocket Guide charts — or both! We want you to move however you like, for however long you want, to help you feel and look your healthiest. 

You can enter your activity manually in your weekly Tracker or sync a fitness device and let it do the tracking for you! One of the many tools that keeps the plan flexible, livable, and customized for you. 

Above all make it fun 
If you hate a stationary bike, don’t get on one. Take it outside and ride early in the morning to get a feel good all day mindset. Ride at sunset for a cool end to a long day. Don’t like weights? Don’t pick one up! Try stretches or maybe join a group yoga class…it’s social, too. Swim. Play. Run. Walk….think about what you like to do and get moving…because every move counts toward your personally chosenFitPoints goal.