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By subscribing to Fast Pass, you agree to have Weight Watchers of Philadelphia, Inc. charges billed to your registered credit card each month. The current monthly fee is $49.95. If this fee changes, you will be notified by e-mail of the change and will have thirty (30) days to cancel your subscription.

The initial fee will cover one (1) Subscription Month plus the day you sign up. Each additional subscription month will cover one full month. Example: Purchasing Fast Pass on March 14th will be valid through April 14th. Each month after the initial month will start on the 15th and will end on the 14th.

You may easily cancel your Fast Pass subscription at any time by logging into your personal account at and selecting “Stop Fast Pass Renewals” or verbal notice by calling (215) 648-1000 x 1123 during normal office hours in advance of the charge of the monthly fee (Each month until you cancel, you will be billed up to 15 days in advance of the beginning of your next Subscription Month).

Weight Watchers of Philadelphia, Inc. has a privacy policy which applies to subscription to Fast Pass.

By clicking "I accept the terms and conditions" when you sign up for Fast Pass you are consenting to: (i) the terms and conditions of this website (ii) the Fast Pass terms and conditions (iii) Weight Watchers of Philadelphia, Inc. charging your registered credit card for the monthly fee until you cancel.(iv) Once your card has been charged for the monthly subscription no credits or refunds will be issued unless you reach Lifetime Membership status or in the event of pregnancy, disability, death, or where required by law. These refunds will be prorated based upon the number of meetings attended.