The At Work Program

The Weight Watchers At Work Program®
Gives You the Extra Support That Helps You Succeed!

The At Work Program meetings are led by specially trained Weight Watchers® leaders who know first-hand the challenges of weight loss and have conquered them.

At weekly meetings, you'll have discussions about making healthy choices and overcoming challenges when you slip!

Feeling hesitant about joining a group?

Weight Watchers The At Work Program urges you to bring a friend! Ask someone you work with who's been thinking about losing weight to come with you to the first meeting.

Support groups work because they do what their name says... they support you.

Support groups cheer you on as you make progress toward you goal.

Of course you are weighed in a private setting and your weekly progress is kept confidential, but the encouragement you'll get from colleagues and friends is truly motivational. You work together. Why not lose weight and get fit together?

You really can do it.
Lose weight where you work.
Feel great all the time.

The Weight Watchers program was developed under the guidance and direction of scientists and physicians, working closely with committees, area directors, and professional managers. Together, these people have helped make the Weight Watchers program one of the safest and most successful weight-loss programs in the world.