WW At Work Program

Works Where You Work

You work together. Why not get healthy together? This is one of the most convenient, accessible weight loss / wellness programs available to you. An onsite program you attend during your work day! The At Work Program comes to you in the best place possible—right where you work. The Weight Watchers program in existence for over fifty-three years, is one of the most successful, most respected providers of weight loss / health management services in the world. The Weight Watchers program was designed by a group of prominent medical, exercise, nutritional and psychological professionals, truly interested in the health needs of their clients. Ask your doctor. Ask a friend who’s been on Weight Watchers. They’ll tell it to you straight: Weight Watchers works! And it works for the long-term. No gimmicks. The Weight Watchers program uses a nutritionally sound, flexible approach to getting healthy. You eat real food. Foods you buy at the grocery store. You move more and you take more time for yourself, so you discover more about you.Looking good and feeling fit—You can make it happen! The At Work Program includes:
  • Convenient, onsite meetings
  • The New WW Freestyle™ program
  • The SmartPoints™ food plan
  • Support from your company, your co-workers and Weight Watchers
  • Program materials geared specifically for the working person
  • Flexible work-related food plans and recipes
  • Weekly lectures on work-related issues
  • Exercise plans with different levels of participation
  • Discussions about food, fitness and “Me Time” related behavior habits
The At Work Program gives you the extra support that helps you succeed. Donuts in the office. Snacks in the vending machines. The work environment is not generally encouraging to a healthy life-style. Change is possible though, and you can make it happen. More and more employers, like yours, are looking into wellness programs. They’re interested in healthy, energetic employees. You’re interested in looking good and feeling fit. The At Work Program can work for both of you! That’s because as co-workers you give each other the extra support that helps you succeed throughout the workday.Meetings are led by specially trained Weight Watchers leaders who know first-hand the challenges of losing weight and getting healthy and have conquered them. At weekly meetings, you’ll have discussions about making healthy choices and overcoming challenges when you slip! The At Work Program– support each other; cheer each other on; motivate each other as you make progress toward you goals. Of course you are weighed in a private setting and your weekly progress is kept confidential, but the encouragement you’ll get from colleagues and friends is truly motivational. You work together. So why not lose weight and get healthy together?Contact The At Work Program® Weight Watchers The At Work Program meetings are available to corporations throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. If you are interested in learning more about The At Work Program:

Call The At Work Program department at 1-800-456-6363 extension 1162

Email: theatworkprogram@wwphl.com