WW 3 Components

WW 3 Key Components

Revolutionary Points® System

Nudges you towards a healthy pattern of eating including eating less foods with added sugar and saturated fats!

Unique-To-You Plans

No deprivation–you’re in charge. Manage your PersonalPoints by planning for those foods you love!

The Ability To Add Points

Members’s now add PersonalPoints to your daily Budget by incorporating healthy behaviors in your lifestyle.

Personalized Plans
No Two Are Alike

Members complete our PersonalPoints Engine

• Budgets are based on age, height, sex, weight, and

our personal food favorites

• Members receive a totally unique plan made up of

Daily and Weekly PersonalPoints Budget, a customized

ZeroPoint foods list, and a customized activity target

A First In The Weight Loss Industry

A formula that allows you to actually
add more Points for doing
healthy things

Reach a water goal of 60 fl oz per day and earn

1 Point to your dailies

For every 1 serving of non-starchy vegetables you eat,

you’ll earn 1 Point to your dailies

For every Point you track, you’ll earn 1 Point to your


Earning Points Benefits

Encourages and positively reinforces healthy

behaviors and habits

Program flexibility that puts members in the

driver’s seat

Reduces feelings of deprivation and hunger

Adding Points feels good because it provides

immediate gratification

Increases your awareness making you more

mindful about what you choose to eat


With the PersonalPoints program,

you don’t have to pause your life to lose weight!